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Greetings, I Am Sara!

Hi, I’m Sara! I’m glad you’re here! Are you looking to make a change in your life and don’t know how to do that? Or you are running into obstacles, or you are scaredTrust me, I get it! I have gone through many changes in my life. When I moved from India to the U.S.A., I was devastated with all the changes! However, to move forward, I had to adapt to the new surroundings, culture, foods, smells, living arrangements, transportation, language barrier, dress attire and so much more. It wasn’t easy. I moved many times throughout the U.S. and that brought more changes to life. I have gone through the heartache of separation and divorce, not once but twice. Including emotional, physical and narcissistic abuse for 32 years. I have felt alone, abandoned, discarded, and not wanting to face the world. I have felt the shame and unworthiness. I really wish I had a Coach to help me through all my life hurdles, changes, and challenges!
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God’s Grace Carried Me…

I am grateful that God has been there for me throughout my pain. In the moments when I felt that God wasn’t there, He was and, in the moments, where it was impossible to see the bigger picture, He could! When we allow the pain to develop into our purpose, it all makes it worth it. I am here to help you propel and catapult in your life despite of your challenges and difficulties.

About Me and Who I Am:

I have a very compassionate and an empathetic heart for others. I try to put myself in others’ situations to really understand what the person may be feeling or going through which in turn helps me gain clarity on their needs. I learnt a long time ago that compassion and empathy go hand in hand to gain others’ trust. I thank God for this gift! I am true to my word and follow through with my actions with everyone. I communicate effectively, I am consistent, I listen actively, give feedback respectfully, and love people without any judgment.

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My Experience

My favorite experience of going through life is communicating with Jesus. I started my coaching business in 2020 because HE clearly spoke to me and said, “help my people”. My top three gifts are: Exhortation, Leadership & Administration.

I have gained a phenomenal experience by building several successful businesses which has provided me with experience in Team Coaching, Recruiting, Motivational Speaking, conducting successful workshops/training conferences, team building, mentoring, and asked to train at National Conferences, since I started my journey in 2000.

I have had the privilege of building many businesses from the ground up. God is using my true God given gifts of entrepreneurial spirit to help others through the coaching process now. Starting a successful business or living a successful life takes an extra effort on our behalf. Our circumstances must not define who God created us to be. We must strive to do better every single day, involve God and have a personal coach in our corner!


Lets Work Together!

I can guarantee that if we are a good fit we can work together to achieve your wildest dreams and find the true peace that is YOURS! You deserve it. Don’t go another day thinking you don’t deserve peace or to achieve your dreams. We were created to be unique and my gift from God is to help you find that and set you on the right path to achieve that!

Will you allow me to be in your corner?!

Talk soon - Sara Singh

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