Have you ever wondered what is your purpose on this Earth?

In the early 90’s I purchased a book called the purpose driven life by Rick Warren. Like many people, I asked God, “what is my purpose and what am I to do with my life?”  I always had the motivation to encourage others, however before knowing the Lord or my gifts, I would encourage others through my flesh. I was invited to speak at my work conferences to encourage others to do better in life and career. It felt exhausting and empty doing it out of my own flesh and might.

When I became a born-again believer, I started encouraging others through the Holy Spirit and I found this experience to be so fulfilling. As poured out to others, God filled me with his love, peace, and joy. This also allowed me to walk in my God given gift of exhortation by keeping the Holy Spirit as my anchor and in turn it made my purpose clear.

Since gaining clarity in my purpose and walking in my God given gifts, God has been showing me how I must move to higher dimensions with HIM. 3 years ago, life dealt me some ugly cards and I was devastated. For few weeks and months, I found myself lonely and bitter. I knew that I needed to sit in HIS presence to seek HIS will for me. It was a crisp fall night when I took my dog out for a walk and I looked up in the sky as the sky was lit up with beautiful stars. I asked God, “what do you want me to do now?” He whispered, “help my people”. I asked, “what does that mean God? And, his whisper said, “I just told you, help my people”.

I had signed up for a Christian Life Coach class to gain my certification. It was a 6-month intense course with working full time with a growing business, new place to live, unpacking my 30 years of life in a small apartment, trying to manage emotions of anger, desertion, and bitterness. I knew I had to propel forward as going back wasn’t an option. Few weeks into the class, I had an experience that changed my life forever. I had an experience that was totally God. At 2:30 a.m. I was woken up with a big jolt and I thought I was shot. May be, jolt made me feel like I was hurt. I checked myself and I was ok. I looked up on my bedroom wall and the word flashed across my wall twice and it spelt R.E.S.E.T. I was in such an awe at this experience. I had no idea what R.E.S.E.T meant, and I prayed for 7 months to seek God. In May of 2021, God revealed to me through my personal Deliverance. I was set FREE of all my past hurts, bondage, baggage, judgment, failures, relationship losses, unforgiveness, bitterness and judgement. He showed me what R.E.S.E.T meant. He did a hard reset on my system where I was wiped clean by his blood, and I did not carry baggage anymore.

R – stood for restoration. He told me that he will restore everything (finances, relationships, friendships, self-esteem and so much more). Romans 15:13

E–  stood for emerge. I will emerge from my past and I will not drown. Another word for emerge is come to light. Matthew 4:19 – Jesus said, “come follow me and I will make you fishers of people”.

S – stood for soar. I will soar like an eagle. Isaiah 40:31

E – stood for embark. God said, “you will embark upon new beginnings”. In psalm 91:14-16_ the lord said, because you love me and know my name, I will rescue you, protect you, be with you, honor and deliver you in time of trouble.

T– stood for tranquility and that HE will provide peace for me. John 16:33 – I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth, you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart because I have overcome the world.

The R.E.S.E.T helped me launch my Coaching business as God asked me to help HIS people see what their God given gifts are and how they can start living a fulfilling life. Everyone is a gift and God has instilled gifts in us all to enhance his kingdom on earth. My passion is to help God’s people to find their purpose by unfolding their God given gifts to live a life that brings meaning to them. I wake up every morning to enrich, encourage and empower God’s people to walk in their God given destiny. When we look at life from this perspective, life has another meaning.

2 Timothy 1:6 – This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you.

Paul is encouraging young Timothy to use his God given gifts. I pray that whoever reads this that God would reveal to you how you can use your gifts. I have ongoing gift classes every 4 weeks to help educate people how important it is to tap into your gifting. We don’t want to take our gifts back to God, we want to use our God given gifts on this earth to further his kingdom. In the process, we will find our life fulfilled through the Holy Spirit.

I pray that you will explore your gifts and not leave them sitting in a box collecting dust, cobwebs and wasting them. God has promised us that HE will never leave us nor forsake us. Deuteronomy 3:16. God always keeps his promises to us.

When we shift our mind, we shift our lives. It’s a very small pivot. Are you ready to pivot to take your life in a new direction? Enemy is prowling around to devour your gifts, so you don’t move in the direction of your calling. Don’t let the enemy feed you any lies that you are not good enough or you don’t have any gifts. Everyone of us have gifts and we need to exercise them to put them to use otherwise, they will remain dormant. To birth something, we must go through the laboring process. So, what are you waiting for my friend?

Sara Singh

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