R.E.S.E.T (Book) by Sara Singh


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Life is filled with challenges and struggles that can weigh us down, making it hard to see the path forward. We are surrounded by darkness, not knowing the way out. Sara Singh faced struggles throughout her life, starting from her immigration to a new country and the cultural expectations of an arranged marriage, to narcissistic abuse and life as a single woman of a mature age.

Although life is full of ups and downs, it can be hard to see that when we are in the middle of trying times. With that in mind, Sara shares RESET and how it enriched her life, while also deepening her relationship with God.

Giving up is an easy way out, but to make it through, we need something more than just our own strength. The question is how we handle our emotions of anger, bitterness, rejection, loneliness, anxious thoughts, struggling to forgive others, and so much more. Do we let all of this take our peace, derail us from our purpose in life, or do we jump over these hurdles with the help of the Holy Spirit?

Rising Above All Hurdles Through Faith introduces Sara’s journey, and all the lessons that she incorporated to achieve a closer relationship with God and find His peace even during times of struggle. She dives into how you can also RESET, what it means and how it can be a light when you are struggling with the darkness of this world. Sara also breaks down what RESET (Restore, Emerge, Soar, Embark, and Transform) means for your life. Here are just a few of the different applications Sara discusses in-depth:

  • Forgiveness
  • Letting go of burdens
  • Restoration through the Holy Spirit
  • Allowing God to pull you up out of the darkness
  • Finding peace and joy
  • Transforming old patterns of behavior and embracing the new personality

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With warmth and empathy, Sara helps you to identify ways to incorporate RESET principles in your relationships with others and how you can change your thinking to become the person that God designed you to be. As your guide, Sara combines practical strategies with faith to achieve a deeper connection with God and a life that is joyful, no matter the season you find yourself in.